Why do you need a skills course?

Even if you’ve been riding for years, a few “core” skills and riding techniques can make a huge difference to your confidence when the trail gets tricky.

Is there a part of your riding that just isn’t coming together?

Perhaps your tyres keep losing grip on corners, or you keep ending up over the bars and have no idea why.
If you’re riding beyond your limits you can be putting yourself and your beloved bike at risk.
If you get nervous when rocks, roots or other ‘scary’ trail features come into view, you’re going to tense up and you’ll end up a passenger on your own bike!

If you want to learn how to corner faster, climb better and ride roots and rocks like they don’t exist, or you’d like to learn how to jump or take drop off’s properly and understand how it all comes together on the trails, it’s time to look for a Skills Course.